Animation and Media

Getting an animation and media technology education in Canada is easier today than it’s ever been.  These fields of study were once limited to art colleges or those emphasizing study in broadcast and journalism but the job market has changed significantly since the advent of the computer and the nation’s education system has adapted quite nicely to their arrival.

Computers and the internet have expanded the geographic boundaries of the industries that rely heaviest on animation and media, bringing opportunities to students and professionals everywhere.  Once limited to major hubs, such as Hollywood, Toronto, and New York City, the internet has virtually erased the miles between artist and production house.

It may seem impossible for an animator in Edmonton to compete with big-name studios in California but it’s actually quite easy to get that Edmonton artist noticed on the web.  And Hollywood studios are very well acquainted with what happens on the worldwide web.

Audiences for amateur reporters in small towns were once rather limited by geography but the internet has changed that.  A good story presented in an effective manner can make the news around the world, even when the reporter is snowbound in the Yukon.

Relatively easy access to both a computer and the internet has made it much easier for more people to get their message or their art into a bigger market but these two technologies have also made getting the necessary education behind the professions easier, too.

Canadian schools offer many study options, both in the classroom and from remote locations via computer and the internet.  Other schools, situated throughout the world, offer online classes that are equivalent to the classes they offer on campus.

It’s possible for the Canadian student today to gain a full education in animation and media without ever setting foot in a classroom and it’s also possible to earn a degree from a school on the other side of the world.  Distance learning has taken on a whole new meaning now that computers and the internet have become such valuable tools in the global education system.

Sometimes a Canadian winter can seem like it’s going to last forever.  We know it won’t.  But isn’t that long, dark winter a great time to focus on learning something new and useful, such as the latest techniques in animation and media technologies?