Education in Canadian Media

Students pursuing an education in Canadian media don’t always have to wait until after graduation to put their skills to work.  Many colleges and universities have on-campus media outlets run by students so they can hone their skills and develop impressive resumes even before graduation day.

Students getting an education in Canadian media with a desire to pursue a career in radio can often land jobs in student-run radio stations broadcast from campus.  These jobs are often behind-the-scenes types of positions but everybody can’t be the on-air star.  Not everybody even wants to be the star.  Without a well-trained staff working out of range of the microphone, most radio stars wouldn’t shine so brightly anyway.

Many schools enhance an education in Canadian media by publishing a student magazine, run by students just as the student radio stations are, with the goal of offering students a way to gain practical experience while still in school.  Opportunities exist with the well-established magazines a school may already have in publication but the proliferation of ezines today gives many an industrious student the opportunity to get creative and establish a magazine of his or her own design.  A self-published ezine won’t always get sanctioned by the school but, when used as a class project, it’s likely to earn some credits that will pay off handsomely in the professional world after graduation.

Journalism students can gain the same hands-experience when working for a campus-based newspaper while pursuing an education in Canadian media.  Student newspapers have a rich history of sparking controversy, generating change, and opening dialogue on a wide array of subjects.  Some of the most highly admired and well-respected journalists and photojournalists at work today were actively involved with the student newspaper published by the schools they attended.

School is a time for learning and work is almost certain to come later but many students find that, when they actively work during their school years in the field they are studying, work comes much faster after graduation and it often comes with a bigger paycheck than it does to students who aren’t actively involved with these practical endeavors during their school years.