Learning About Canada

What’s the capital city of Canada?  Is that the largest city?  Is there a Canadian national anthem?  What’s Canada’s official language?  Learning about Canada is fun and easy when there’s computer technology to help find the answers.

Computers put all the answers right at your fingertips, making learning about Canada more interesting than ever.  Just one click of the mouse and you can learn as little or as much about just about anything under the sun that relates to Canada.

Children learning about Canada in school will have history and social study books to help them learn but many schools today have computers in every classroom, too.  And many of today’s educational software programs make learning on a computer almost as much fun as playing games.

Learning from the classroom satisfies the curiosity of many a student but many more want to know more.  These students are likely to continue learning about Canada even after the bell to dismiss classes rings.

Libraries are great places to go if you’re interested in learning more about Canada.  Libraries usually carry more books than you’ll find in a typical classroom so the interested scholar can extend the scope of education or narrow it down to the tiniest detail of some particular aspect of the great nation of Canada.

Computers are becoming as popular at local libraries as books have always been so it’s often possible to satisfy one’s curiosity even beyond the pages of a book, even while you’re at the library.  Tell the librarian you’re interested in learning about Canada and he or she can help you find the best software, or books, to meet your needs.

Don’t overlook the value of internet searches when learning about Canada.  Kids with computers at home can find all the answers in seconds but it’s probably best to do this after all the homework and chores are completed and way before bedtime.

So, that capital city?  Ottawa.  Largest city?  Toronto.  National anthem?  “O Canada.”  Official language?  English and French.

Now you know!