Learning Animation in Canada

Learning animation in Canada is pretty much the same as it would be any place else.  The best way to get started is to have a keen interest in the subject.

Many of the most successful commercial and professional animation artists got their starts in childhood, although they probably didn’t realize it at the time.  What they did probably realize, though, was that they just couldn’t stop drawing.

These young, would-be animators probably liked to draw pictures, sketches of everything in sight and in their imaginations, too, and they probably loved comic books, the Sunday funnies, and cartoons on TV.  They were probably first in line to see the latest animated movie releases.  They probably drew on every flat surface they could get their hands, and crayons, on but they probably didn’t limit their ‘work’ to just flat surfaces, either.

Just like any child with an interest in learning animation in Canada, these kids all over the world who wanted to learn more about animation were likely to teach themselves a great deal.  As they drew and their drawings became more complex and sophisticated, they developed an ‘eye’ for what works best for them and what might be better forgotten.

With practice, the learning game was likely to generate excellent grades in art classes.  As they progressed through school and could channel their educations into areas of interest, these aspiring animation artists were probably likely to prefer art classes and computer technology classes that allowed them to enhance their natural artistic skills.

Many of today’s aspiring animators have the luxury of having computers at home and the wonderful animation software programs that have been developed in recent years.  Thanks to these technologies, learning animation in Canada doesn’t have to be limited to just the classroom anymore.

Interests change as we grow up but students who find themselves still fascinated by the art form can continue to advance, learning animation in Canada art colleges and other schools that offer appropriate courses.

To be successful, in animation and most other endeavors, an irresistible fascination with the subject pays off.  Many people considered commercial and professional successes, in the arts as well as in other disciplines, are merely exercising their childhood passions in ways that suit the grown-up world.