Technology in Canadian Education

When the second largest country in the world has only 8.3 people per square mile, it becomes easy to understand what a tremendous advantage computers have become to Canada’s educational system.  Computers alone have enhanced the learning process in ways probably thought impossible just a decade or two ago but, when coupled with the internet, technology in Canadian education has revolutionized the typical classroom.

Canada is home to some of the most modern and technologically advanced cities in the world but those cities are few and far between.  What is in between them is usually vast expanses of wilderness, farmland, prairies, plains, and mountains.  And water.  Those elements make traveling very far to school just too much of an ordeal for many Canadian school children.

Fortunately, putting technology in Canadian education systems to work has had the effect of erasing some of that distance, at least in theory.  Students on Baffin Island cannot realistically commute to schools in Victoria or Toronto every day but they can gain remote access to the classes and activities in those cities.  And they can share what they know about their life at the top of the world with children in those southern cities.

The use of technology in Canadian education may be best appreciated by students in the secondary and post-secondary phases of their educations.  It’s these students thinking more about life after graduation and what to do for a career that may benefit the most from vocational or advanced learning opportunities that most small towns and villages simply cannot provide.

Using computer technology in Canadian education brings subjects to students that might be unavailable otherwise.  Today’s computer-savvy school children can learn things their parents had no access to just one short generation ago.

Canada certainly isn’t getting any smaller but using technology in Canadian education has made it possible to bring students and educational opportunities closer together in ways never seen before.